The Center for Global Policy Solutions drives society toward inclusion by advancing health, wealth, educational, and civic success for diverse populations.

To obtain CGPS’s 990 and other organizational information, please email info@globalpolicysolutions.org.


The Center for Global Policy Solutions is a 501(c)(3) think tank and action organization that labors in pursuit of a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive world in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive in safe and sustainable environments.

We are committed to promoting equitable outcomes for marginalized populations while strengthening the nation as a whole. Our work is centered in the belief that diversity is not a problem but the basis of prosperity.

Our Values

Promoting Social & Environmental Justice
We believe that all people share fundamental social, economic and political rights, including a safe environment, the highest standard of health and well being, a quality education and economic opportunity.

Striving for Excellence
We maintain the highest standards for integrity and quality in our work and operations.

Embracing Global Diversity
We value diversity, in all its forms, as a critical source of knowledge, skill and creativity in the pursuit of social change around the world.

Empowering Others
We build the capacity of advocates, organizations and communities to overcome structural disadvantages and work for social justice.

Achieving Transformative Change
We hold ourselves accountable to achieve broad-scale, meaningful, measurable and lasting change in the quality of life for communities with which we work.