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Technological advancements in data identification, collection, analysis, and utilization represent great promise and great peril for humankind. The intentional and well-considered use of big data can enhance convenience, access, communication, health, and education just as its inattentive and ill-advised use can reinforce existing biases, narrow choice, and undermine privacy.

Through its ADELPHI (Advancing Data Equity, Leadership, Policy, Health, and Innovation) Project, the Center for Global Policy Solutions is working to methodically organize a line of inquiry and practice that identifies gaps and leverages big data to produce innovative solutions that address society’s biggest challenges. Specifically, we seek to identify and uplift equity-centered solutions that help drive social innovations in areas such as health, education, economics, and civic engagement. The primary goal of this effort is to move towards a more equitable and just society by optimizing the use and minimizing the abuse of data and technology.

Read the press release for the project’s launch.


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