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Plan for a New Future: The Impact of Social Security Reform on People of Color

Stick Shift: Autonomous Vehicles, Driving Jobs, and the Future of Work

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Center for Global Policy Solutions would like to thank the following researchers for their help in developing this report: DR. ALGERNON AUSTIN, Demos MS. CHERRIE BUCKNOR, Center for Economic and Policy Research MR. KEVIN CASHMAN, Center for Economic and Policy Research DR. MAYA ROCKEYMOORE, Center for Global Policy Solutions This report was made […]

By |March 13th, 2017

Policy Agenda to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Closing the racial wealth gap requires concerted policy action designed to advance bold, comprehensive solutions. To meet this need, in 2014, the Experts of Color Network members participated in a process to define their priorities and develop proposals for addressing racial wealth disparities. The following agenda, framed within the context of the Asset House, is a […]

By |September 21st, 2016

Overlooked but Not Forgotten: Social Security Lifts Millions More Children Out of Poverty

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Portions of this report were commissioned by and prepared for the Center for Global Policy Solutions. Drs. Peter Arno and Jeannette Wicks-Lim from the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst designed the research for this study. Dr. Wicks-Lim developed the methodological approach for the Social Security estimates with assistance from […]

By |July 11th, 2016

The Color of Entrepreneurship: Why the Racial Gap among Firms Costs the U.S. Billions

Businesses owned by people of color are playing an important part in restoring the health of the American economy after the Great Recession (December 2007 through June 2009). Between 2007 and 2012, privately held minority businesses contributed 1.3 million jobs to the American economy. In a more inclusive society, one where there was truly equal […]

By |April 19th, 2016

Advancing Equitable Approaches to Childhood Obesity Prevention

Executive Summary The latest epidemiological data suggest that the incidence of obesity among children may have stabilized, although at a dangerously high level. There are currently about 13 million obese children and adolescents in the US. Moreover, significant racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities exist and may be widening. This report consists of an expansive, annotated literature […]

By |November 2nd, 2015

Beyond Broke

ABOUT THIS REPORT This report was prepared by the Center for Global Policy Solutions in collaboration with the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the Research Network for Racial and Ethnic Inequality at Duke University, and the Milano Graduate School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy at The New […]

By |April 21st, 2014

Plan for a New Future: The Impact of Social Security Reform on People of Color

Recommended Citation: Rockeymoore, Maya M. and Lui, Meizhu. (2011). Plan for a New Future: The Impact of Social Security Reform on People of Color. Washington, DC: Commission to Modernize Social Security. About the Commission to Modernize Social Security: In March of 2011, the Insight Center for Community Economic Development and Global Policy Solutions convened a […]

By |October 1st, 2011