Who We Are


The Center for Global Policy Solutions is a 501(c)(3) think tank and action organization that labors in pursuit of a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive world in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive in safe and sustainable environments.

Our mission is to drive society toward inclusion by advancing economic security, health, education, and civic success for vulnerable populations. Our target groups include people of color, women, children and youth, older adults, and low-income populations. In recognition of these overlapping identities and issues, we use an “intersectional” lens to develop policy and program solutions.

With economic inequality growing and health, education, and civic disparities at alarming levels, we are committed to promoting equitable outcomes for marginalized populations while strengthening communities, the nation, and the world. Our work is centered in the belief that diversity is not a problem, but the basis of prosperity.

To obtain the Center for Global Policy Solutions’ 990 and other organizational information, please email info@globalpolicysolutions.org.


What We Do

Educate and Empower Leaders
We work to empower social change agents, such as policymakers, advocates, and opinion leaders, by building their capacity to understand and use public policy to achieve their goals.

Advance Systemic Change for Those in Need
We advocate for vulnerable populations by transforming systems to increase opportunities for education, health, and economic security.

Develop Targeted Approaches for Effective Solutions
We create targeted public policy and communications strategies that address social inequities and empower vulnerable communities.

How We Do It

Research and Analysis
We develop research, analysis, and informational tools that help target audiences understand the impact of policy through the lens of race, ethnicity, class, age, gender, and geography.

We implement programs that help leaders create healthy communities, strengthen economic and retirement security for workers, and empower youth through education and civic engagement.

Advocacy and Communications
We leverage advocacy and communications strategies to educate stakeholders about how policies can be better designed to support vulnerable populations.