In recognition of Social Security’s continued relevance for a new generation of diverse Americans, the Insight Center for Community Economic Development and Global Policy Solutions convened the Commission to Modernize Social Security in 2011. Comprised of experts from or representing African American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Latino, and Native American communities, the Commission worked to identify proposals to extend Social Security’s long-term solvency while also modernizing the program to ensure it continues to increase economic security for all.

Strengthening Social Security

Building upon what currently works in the program, the Commission to Modernize Social Security developed a reform plan that would make Social Security fully solvent for more than 75 years while also strengthening benefits for vulnerable groups such as the disabled, students, and the very old.

With an interest in maintaining intergenerational equity, the Commissions recommendations will achieve this goal – without introducing benefit cuts  such as raising the retirement age, reducing cost of living adjustments, or price-indexing benefits – that are harmful to middle- and low-income Americans of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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