Economic Equity and the Potential for Policy Action

Economic inequality in the United States is the highest it has been since the Great Depression. Within the inequality policy debate, the issue of the racial wealth gap is attracting growing attention because of its magnitude and likely effects on the nation’s economy. What is the potential for achieving policy solutions aimed at closing the racial wealth gap? This panel will explore the extent to which public policy can address economic inequality and the racial wealth gap, as well as actions that can be undertaken to fill the gaps that policy cannot address.

Michael Fletcher, National Economics Correspondent, The Washington Post


  • Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director, Center for Community Change
  • Rakesh Kochhar, Associate Director for Research, Pew Research Center
  • Jacqueline Johnson Pata, Executive Director, National Congress of American Indians
  • Anne Price, Managing Program Director and Chief Asset Building Officer, Insight Center for Community Economic Development

Q&A session

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