Gentrification, a form of economic development that results in high-income residents moving to low-income areas and displacing existing residents in the process, has been widespread in urban communities across the United States. Given the trend, is it possible to implement economic development strategies that benefit existing residents and allow them to remain connected to place? This roundtable will explore case studies and research on economic development in low-income communities and will discuss strategies to maintain and strengthen community wellbeing, including improving health outcomes, providing equal opportunities, and improving neighborhood safety.

Janell Ross, Reporter, The Washington Post


  • Hector Cordero-Guzman, Professor, The School of Public Affairs, CUNY
  • Christy Finsel, Executive Director, Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition
  • Gil Berry, Executive Director, Gil Berry and Associates, Inc.
  • Patricia Smith, Senior Policy Advisor, The Reinvestment Fund


Panelist remarks

Panel discussion

Q&A session