Owning a business can help reduce the racial and ethnic wealth gap by allowing individuals to fulfill their potential to create wealth-generating opportunities for themselves and others. Equitable opportunities for entrepreneurship may also increase jobs and economic development in areas where people of color and those with lower incomes disproportionately reside, which in turn improves the health and socioeconomic status of vulnerable households and communities as well as the economic performance of regional economies. This roundtable will explore the extent to which entrepreneurship can be leveraged to close the racial wealth gap and how to effectively advance an inclusive agenda for creating, growing, and sustaining minority businesses.

Kelvin Boston, Host, Moneywise with Kelvin Boston


  • Michael S. Barr, Professor, University of Michigan Law School
  • Alejandra Castillo, National Director, Minority Business Development Agency
  • Gary Cunningham, President and CEO, Metropolitan Economic Development Association
  • Connie Evans, President and CEO, Association for Enterprise Opportunity

Q&A Session