As we celebrate theĀ 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, Maya Rockeymoore reflects in the Huffington Post on the continued need to enact policies that address racial economic inequality.

Hearing President Obama’s speech on the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, we are encouraged by the progress America has made to live up to its promise. Yet it marks a bittersweet moment. For although there are no more Bull Connors with dogs chasing down African Americans, we continue to bury our head in the sand regarding racial economic inequality.


If this anniversary celebration accomplishes anything, it should be a reminder to folks that social and economic inclusion depends on the substance of the policies passed, not just the personalities or parties of those we elect. For this very reason, at the end of this month I am honored to organize, in conjunction with the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and in partnership with a host of national organizations, the 2014 Color of Wealth Summit to discuss, “Shared Prosperity for All: The Policy Imperative for Closing the Racial Wealth Gap.” This public discussion at the U.S. Capitol complex will focus on what it will take to eliminate barriers to socioeconomic success for racial and ethnic groups, including how targeted asset building strategies can help alleviate poverty and build wealth for all. It is my hope that more policy-makers and their staffs will take note of their own historical role in passing the types of policies that will make it possible for the U.S. to celebrate the realization of an equitable, diverse, and inclusive society 50 years from now.

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