Since 2012, the Center for Global Policy Solutions has worked to lift up vulnerable groups and advocate for change under the guiding principle “making policy work for people and their environments.”

We’re proud of our efforts so far. Among them: Our Leadership for Healthy Communities project engaged state and local policymakers in reversing childhood obesity. We convened the Committee to Modernize Social Security and were among the first to propose an expansion of the program. Through the three editions of the Color of Wealth Summit, we put a spotlight on the structural reasons why people of color face economic insecurity.

We have come to understand that what unifies our diverse agenda is an ambitious desire to build a world in which no one is excluded—socially, economically, or otherwise.

With this in mind, our guiding principle going forward is “driving society toward inclusion.” We started a Declaration of Inclusion to rally others to this cause. We would be honored if you signed it, too, and joined us in creating a world where people of all backgrounds thrive together.