Blogger Verelyn Gibbs Watson discusses why our latest report, “The Color of Entrepreneurship,” resonates with her as a business owner:

As a new business owner, I know firsthand the challenges entrepreneurs face. However, as I look around at the business community, I notice there aren’t a lot of people who look like me.

According to the report, among the factors that lead to business success are existing family wealth that can be invested as startup capital, work experience in a business owned by a family member, college education, and being foreign-born.

For me, the road to opening my own business was a venture decades in the making. I had a number of things working to my advantage: The fact that I was born in Guyana, graduated from college, had the opportunity to work with my parents in their real estate ventures, and benefited from their generosity in providing me with 50 percent of the down payment for my first investment property. These all created the perfect storm to increase the likelihood I would be successful as an entrepreneur. Lucky me!