Allies for Reaching Community Health Equity (ARCHE) is a program started with a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to advance equitable public health strategies across the social determinants of health that work to combat disparities by race, gender, geography, and income while building a culture that supports healthier kids and communities.

Through two component parts, the Health Equity Design (HED) Lab and the Culture of Health Institute for Leadership Development (CHILD), the ARCHE initiative will build the capacity of RWJF network members and community advocates to do effective health equity work, drive consensus and action around new strategies and solutions, and increase appreciation for the importance of achieving health equity goals.

The HED Lab will bring together RWJF team members, health researchers, practitioners, and community stakeholders. Under the direction of CGPS, the Lab will incubate and vet the best strategies and innovative solutions to be used by the field at large to drive change.

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