Helaine Olen continues the United States of Debt series at Slate with a conversation about credit cards. Maya Rockeymoore was a guest on the show.

Olen: Let’s pause for a moment here to discuss one other thing. If an African Americans, like Louis, possesses a credit card, the chances are they maintain a balance on that card. African Americans are more likely to report being called by bill collectors than whites.

Maya Rockeymoore, the president of the Center for Global Policy Solutions is an expert on the subject. The problem begins, she says, with income.

Maya Rockeymoore: And for every one dollar of income earned by whites, African Americans and Latinos only earn $0.67. So, already you’re starting with an income gap. Then, for every one-dollar of wealth earned—owned by the typical white household, the typical Latino household only owns $0.07 and the typical African American household only owns $0.06…

Many of these people are actually pressured to actually help support other family members. And so there’s little wealth in these family networks to draw on, and those who might be in a position to earn some wealth find themselves tapped by family members to help support them.