Center for Global Policy Solutions:
Driving Society Toward Inclusion

After months of protracted debate regarding our nation’s future, it all comes down to this: leadership matters.

The United States of America has espoused the principles of democracy and opportunity worldwide. She has repeatedly chastised foreign nations for repressive tactics resulting in exclusion and the abuse of human rights, even launching foreign wars based on this premise. And, she has presented herself as a beacon on the hill, an open society welcoming of the poor, the tired and those yearning for freedom.

These noble ideals remain worthy of pursuit, yet they have been severely compromised by an election environment that has perpetuated fear, prejudice, ignorance, and hate while creating an atmosphere that endangers freedoms for women, non-white racial and ethnic groups, Jews, Muslims, the foreign born, the economically marginalized, and those who are not heterosexual.

The United States of America is better than this. We have demonstrated that people of different backgrounds and beliefs can live and work together. We deserve enlightened leaders who believe that a more inclusive nation is a stronger, more prosperous one.

For years the Center for Global Policy Solutions has sought to make policy work for people and their environments through a transformative agenda that advances health, education, economic and civic success for diverse people. We work toward fostering an inclusive world in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive in safe and sustainable environments.

We are deeply concerned that the direction of our nation imperils our opportunity to achieve a multicultural democracy. For this reason, we seek to collaborate with likeminded individuals and organizations to launch an Inclusion Revolution, a movement to center the value of diversity and inclusion in our democracy and to ensure its reflection in the economic, political, policy, cultural, and social systems that shape our nation.

At the heart of this movement is the Declaration of Inclusion, a statement of intention calling for our nation’s leaders to commit to fair and inclusive policies, programs, and practices that:

  • Affirm our democratic principles by encouraging civic participation and rejecting voter suppression and disenfranchisement;
  • Promote diverse and inclusive schools, organizations, communities, towns, and cities;
  • Champion job, business, and ownership opportunities that close income and wealth disparities;
  • Strengthen access to quality public education and affordable post-secondary training options;
  • Support a culture of health by advancing equitable, health-promoting options for all people and communities;
  • Stand for equal justice under the law through police, prison, and legal reforms that guard civil liberties and protect human rights; and,
  • Foster cross-cultural understanding through education and collaboration and by avoiding divisiveness.

Americans of all backgrounds deserve to live in a country where we are secure in our constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and assured that our leaders and institutions believe these rights to be universal.

Will you help us drive society toward inclusion by joining the Inclusion Revolution?

We will be in touch with next steps in our campaign to get our leaders to commit to being a force for good for all people, not just the privileged few.

In the meantime, we would appreciate your help in spreading the mission and purpose of this movement through social media using the hashtag #InclusionRevolution.

Thank you for sharing your time, attention, and commitment to co-creating a better, more loving world.

Maya Rockeymoore
President and CEO